Get Cool this summer with a perfect Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning

ABC Heating & Cooling is proud to provide high quality, competitively priced Air Conditioner for homes of all sizes.

Our expert team can help match you with the perfect Air Conditioning unit based on your unique needs, budget and the square footage of your house.

Whether you are building a home and need a brand new system installed, or just want to upgrade and replace your existing Air Conditioner, we can provide all of the equipment, labour and materials needed to get the job done right the first time.

Hail Damaged Air Conditioner?

Southern Alberta can be subjected to some pretty damaging weather. Between high winds and mid-summer hail storms, the Air-Conditioner unit sitting outside of your home has to withstand the occasional beating.

If your Air-Conditioner has visible damage from hail or other debris, ABC Heating & Cooling offers various repair options from coil replacement to fin combing to help restore your unit to the best condition it can be in.


Air Conditioning unit for Home